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Dizziness caused by loose crystals in the inner ear - BPPV

HealthPosted by Thu, June 01, 2017 15:56:13

Case Study - Mr A:

My neck is feeling stiffer since having dizziness whenever I lay down or turn suddenly; I have been sleeping with my head propped up by two pillows. It started after I went swimming and having trouble with water in my ear, I hit my head with my hand on the opposite side. It really impacted on the enjoyment of my 8-week holiday in Australia, can you help?

Paul the Osteopath:

Examination reveals this to be what is known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). The inner ear has sensory nerve organs aiding our balance, made up of tiny hair cells. Occasionally some of these otoconia, calcium carbonate crystals that are attached to a membrane, can be displaced from the utricle and then reside in the posterior semi-circular canal. These can continually stimulate the nerve hair cells here giving the false impression of movement which results in the feeling of dizziness.

Guided performance of the Epley Manoeuvre helps reposition the crystals to another region of the inner ear so they do not cause a problem. Other exercises are prescribed to continue the repositioning of these otoconia crystals if required.

Mr A

The results have been amazing, I have had immediate relief from the dizziness and have not needed to do the exercises, and my neck tension has eased as well with the treatment. I wish I had come to the clinic sooner.

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